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                        1. Anna Karenina
                          novel by Tolstoy

                          Anna Karenina

                          novel by Tolstoy

                          Anna Karenina, novel by Leo Tolstoy3d彩票图, published in installments between 1875 and 1877 and considered one of the of world literature.

                          Leo Tolstoy.
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                          Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina
                          In Anna Karenina (1875–77) Tolstoy applied these ideas to family life. The novel’s first sentence, which indicates…

                          3d彩票图The narrative centres on the adulterous affair between Anna, wife of Aleksey Karenin, and Count Vronsky, a young bachelor. Karenin’s discovery of the arouses only his concern for his own public image. Anna promises discretion for the sake of her husband and young son but eventually becomes pregnant by Vronsky. After the child is born, Anna and the child accompany Vronsky first to Italy and then to his Russian estate. She begins making furtive trips to see her older child and grows increasingly bitter toward Vronsky, eventually regarding him as unfaithful. In desperation she goes to the train station, purchases a ticket, and then impulsively throws herself in front of the incoming train. A parallel love story, involving the difficult courtship and fulfilling marriage of Kitty and Levin, provides a rich counterpoint to the tragedy and is thought to reflect Tolstoy’s own marital experience.

                          3d彩票图There is an inevitability about the tragic fate that hangs over the adulterous love of Anna and Vronsky. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay” is the epigraph of the novel and the leitmotif of the story. Anna pays not so much because she transgresses the code but because she refuses to observe the proprieties customarily exacted in such by the hypocritical high society to which she belongs.

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                          Anna Karenina
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